Commercial Burglary Alarm Systems

Every business is different and, as such, has different security needs. Perimeter detection includes sensors on personnel doors, overhead delivery doors, and windows. Interior detection varies, from motion detectors, glassbreak sensors, and asset movement devices. A clever combination of different devices will keep potential criminals guessing.

Identifying Who's Coming And Going

The pushbutton keypad that operates your alarm system has the capacity to hold multiple user codes. Every employee should have their own code. Whenever a specific code is used to arm/disarm the alarm system, the alarm control panel records which user operated the system and when they did so. Entry after business hours or at improper times can be viewed at the keypad, sent directly to your email, or text-alerted to your smartphone.

Customizable Operating Codes

Changeable at any time; add or customize to reflect changing users of your alarm system.

"Bypass" Feature

Allows for individual disenganging of window, room, or hallway zones while sleeping or having work done.

Point Identification of Zones

Our central monitoring station can monitor each zone uniquely, allowing us to direct you or the police to the exact point of intrusion. 

Emergency Buttons

Police and fire buttons built directly into the push-button keypad alert central station to an immediate need for either service. 

Chime Annunciation

Selectable door chime during disarmed state alerts you to who's coming and going while you're in your home. 

Automatic Testing

Automatic weekly testing of communication between your panel and the central monitoring station ensures maximum performance.