A monitored home alarm system is the best way
to protect your family, your home, and your valuables.

For over forty years, Citadel Security has been designing and installing specialty burglary and fire alarms to fit our customers individual needs.


Hardwired/Wireless Sensors

Information from alarm sensors must be conveyed to the alarm control panel. With a hardwired system, that information is transmitted via wire inside the walls. With a wireless system, a wireless transmitter relays that information to the control panel.

Wireless transmitters contain a battery which needs to be changed every few years. The keypad will display any low battery conditions. Hardwired sensors do not need battery changes.

The alarm panel can accept any combination of wireless or hardwired sensor inputs.


Pet-Immune Motion Detectors

Motion detectors have the ability to discriminate between a person and a small pet. If the pet is 40 pounds or less, your pet can roam freely around the house with the motion detector actively part of the armed alarm system.

interior protection

Choices for Interior Protection

In the event that something in your home prevents the installation of motion detectors (such as a large animal), concealed wireless transmitters can be installed to help guard your most valued assets. Asset protection devices are ideal for protecting jewelry boxes and valuable drawers, paintings, flatscreen tv's, china cabinets and displayed collectables.


Remote Control Options

These handy devices, known as "keyfobs", fit on your keychain. They can arm or disarm your alarm system, turn on lights, or serve as a panic button to summon Citadel's central station. They offer confidence for the time span between exiting a parked car to closing the front door.

While our sales representatives will be happy to go over all your options during your free quote appointment, here are some of the specific operating features available in a Citadel system:

Rechargeable Backup Battery

Ensure uninterrupted security, even in the event of a power failure.

Customizable Operating Codes

Changeable at any time; add or customize to reflect changing users of your alarm system.

"Bypass" Feature

Allows for individual disenganging of window, room, or hallway zones while sleeping or having work done.

Window Ventilation

For those who like fresh air, system allows for ventilation even through protected windows.

Point Identification of Zones

Our central monitoring station can monitor each zone uniquely, allowing us to direct you or the police to the exact point of intrusion. 

Emergency Buttons

Police and fire buttons built directly into the push-button keypad alert central station to an immediate need for either service. 

Chime Annunciation

Selectable door chime during disarmed state alerts you to who's coming and going while you're in your home. 

Automatic Testing

Automatic weekly testing of communication between your panel and the central monitoring station ensures maximum performance.