Stay in the know, wherever you go!

With Total Connect's virtual keypad for Android, iPhone/Pad, and Blackberry, you can check the status on your security system, and arm or disarm - with the tap of a finger on your smartphone!

Total Connect can also be enabled to send you e-mails, text messages or video alerts of important events in real-time - such as a child arriving home from school - and recent system or sensor activity. You can choose the events that you want to be notified of, and, when they occur, Total Connect will notify you in real-time. With Total Connect Video, you can receive live video clips of specific activity occurring in and around the house. By setting up video motion detection on the field of view of the camera, you can be notified of activity of interest to you as it is happening. You can check up on kids, babysitters, nannys, elderly parents, pets, housekeepers, contractors and more.